painting glass vases



This thrifty makeover can can bring major pops of color to your home! Who doesn’t have a few of these plain glass vases on hand? You can easily paint three vases under an hour (plus drying time), so go raid your closet, grab some paint, and get started!


Glass vases from the thrift store

Supplies for Painting Glass Vases

  • Clear glass vases. If you don’t have any at home, check out your local thrift shop.
  • Craft paint that is specifically for painting on glass (try Martha Stewart Mulit-Surface acrylic craft paint. You don’t need to back glass in the oven and is dishwasher safe after 21 days of curing)
  • Small paint brushes
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Your fingers!


How to Paint Glass Vases

  1. Make sure you start by giving the vases a good wash with hot soapy water. After rinsing them, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into the vase and swish around or rub inside with a paper towel. Then turn upside down and let dry completely. This step ensures that the paint will adhere nicely to the glass.
  2. Squeeze a healthy amount of paint into the bottom of the vase and use your brush to spread it up sides. (Note: you are painting the inside, not the outside of the vase!)
  3. Add more paint as need to cover the inside of the vase – once you start making streaky brush strokes like you are pushing around paint it is a good time to stop with the first coat.
  4. You may need to do a second coat once the paint has dried completely (I would wait at least 24 hours beforeapplying a second coat).

How to paint glass vases

2. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers!

If you are painting a vase with a tapered neck, it is next to impossible to get a paintbrush to reach the narrow part. Be prepared to get dirty and use your finger here.

Using finger to paint inside the neck of a glass vase

3. Hold the vase up to the light

As you’re painting, it is helpful to hold the vase up to a light to easily see where light is shining through and it needs more paint.

4. Be patient before using your vase

Make sure to let the paint cure fully (Martha Stewart paints require 21 days) before filling with water. In the meantime, you can insert a smaller vessel, like a juice cup, into the vase. Fill with a bouquet!

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